Best Physiotherapy Treatment in Mumbai

Physiotherapy is treatment method which aim to help patients to restore, maintain and maximize their muscle strength, function and movement. At Dr. Vigil’s Advanced Physiotherapy our focus is on the quality of physiotherapy treatments you receive. We have qualified and trained Physiotherapist in Mumbai, who are trained to take care patients, cure their pain and increase strength of muscle and motions.

About Physiotherapist in Mumbai

Dr. Vigil Kavanal:

Dr. Vigil is one of the well-known physiotherapist in Mumbai, believes in advanced mobilization, manipulations and along with advanced electrotherapy modalities for faster pain relief.

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Phsyiotherapist in Mumbai Specialty:

  • Advanced Physiotherapy Treatment
  • Qualified Physiotherapist
  • High-tech Rehabilitation Equipment for Treatment
  • Neuro Rehabilitation and Sports Physiotherapy
  • Personalized Physiotherapy Treatments
  • Appointment Based Treatment, No Waiting
  • Completely Privacy
  • Personal Attention to Patients
  • Opens 6 days in week and 300 days of working in Year
  • Special Attention to Elders and Disable Patients
  • Satisfaction Assurance – 80% relief from day 1

Physiotherapist in Mumbai Offering

At Dr. Vigil’s Advanced Physiotherapy clinic we do Physiotherapy treatment for below Condition:

Arthritis Physiotherapy

We do Physiotherapy Treatment for Arthritis. In Arthritis Treatment we focus on reduction in pain, decrease the inflation in knee, increase the knee bending and strengthen knee. Book now for Appointment

Arthritis Physiotherapy in Mumbai
Cervical Spondylosis Physiotherapy

Cervical Spondylosis Physiotherapy

Cervical Spondylosis or Neck is most common problem in cities among student and working professionals. Most of us ignore conditions and leads to Cervical Spondylosis. A physiotherapy treatment can help patient to recover from condition. With Advanced Physiotherapy Treatment day one patient can get relief from neck pain. Book an appointment for Cervical Spondylosis Physiotherapy treatment in Mumbai or neck pain treatment.

Back Pain Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy refer as one of best treatment for back pain. Physiotherapy for Back Pain includes many types of exercises which release spasm in muscle and reduces the back pain. Prolong back pain can be slip disc or spondylosis. Get appointment to start with Back Pain Physiotherapy.

Back Pain Physiotherapy

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Frozen Shoulder Physiotherapy

Approx. 2% – 5% of population is suffering from Frozen Shoulder. Frozen Shoulder is most painful and reduces the movement of hand and shoulder. With Frozen Shoulder it become difficult to do day to day work. Frozen Shoulder can be treated with physiotherapy treatment. The pain reduces from day one physiotherapy treatment and after completion of Frozen Shoulder Physiotherapy course it may go completely. Fill the form to get consultation for Frozen Shoulder Physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy For Paralysis

Paralysis Patient condition can improve by doing Physiotherapy treatment and exercises. Physiotherapy for Paralysis remove the Blocked Blood Vessel, decrease the speech deficiency, strengthening muscles, tight muscle, increase movement, improving balancing. With Advanced Paralysis Physiotherapy treatment make patients independent and restore mobility.

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Physiotherapy at Home

Dr. Vigil’s Advanced Physiotherapy provides Physiotherapy Treatment at Home service in Mumbai. Physiotherapy at Home can be benefited to patients who don’t able come to clinic but need urgent physiotherapy treatment. Physiotherapy at Home service is best suitable for post-surgery patients, senior citizen, and disable to walk, difficult to walk patients. To know more about physiotherapy at home in Mumbai please contact us or call us on 9594278981.

Post-Operative Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Major Surgery like Knee Replacement, Fracture Healing, Ligament Operation, Slip Disc Surgery, Surgery on Shoulder, Neck, Wrist or Hand, Hip, or Calf needs Post-Operative Physiotherapy to increase movement of muscle. In most of case after surgery the muscle become tight and cause pain while doing any activity. Post-Operative Physiotherapy can heal the pain and increase the muscle movement.


Physiotherapist in Mumbai FAQ’s

Normal stretches of back, thighs, calf, muscles should be done before the play, along with slow jogging, and slight increase in your hearth rate.

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