"People of any age would definitely require counselling from an expert at any point of life. We as a team serve as a bridge between their problems and solutions."

Benefits of Personal / Professional Counselling


What you say stays here!! Everything kept secret and discussed in closed door room!!

Reputed Counsellor

We have expert panel to resolve every problem in life. Expert Counselor are here ready to help!!

Builds confidence

We work to enhance your mental and physical confident to face every difficulties in life!!

Personal / Professional Counseling in Mira Road

Nowadays have become a crucial part of everyone’s tedious life. Knowingly or unknowingly each and every individual are counseled by their parents, teachers, friends etc. Due to busy lifestyle people don’t get an opportunity to speak about their tensions their stress their problems and some are afraid to disclose it. Some people are stressed due to work, some are engrossed in marriage disputes , some suffering heart breaks, some are shy to speak in public, some have crowd fear, some are introvert facing difficulties to come before the crowd, some are confused with career path etc. etc. etc. are all never ending list of problems. We do not realize that all the solutions to these problems remain in us which we are not able to recognize. Dr Vigils team have been working  with such problems as one stop solution of counseling as well as life coach to bring people out of their depressed state and to teach them to live a healthy and happy life. Extreme pressure situations can easily be handled in one go with few counseling sessions giving the person super confidence in his life.

When is Personal Counseling Required?

Working Professionals - Work Stress

Due to rising cost of each and every products and low income it’s been difficult for people to maintain their basic lifestyle. For maintaining their basic needs people have to work overtime which ultimately takes them away from their personal time. Monthly targets of office need to be accomplished. People drift away from family and friends and gets engrossed in work and stays lonely. Loneliness creeps in ultimately giving them more stress.

Student's Problem - Study Stress

We all have usually seen that the syllabus of studies has become vast as days pass by. A child has to cope up with his extra- curricular activities and studies in this world of competition. And this stress is escalated when they see the endless expectation from their parents. Students who can’t handle this mental stress of competition often tends to do something grave which can cost their life too.

No way to move on after failure

No ways to move on after failure!!

Many start ups have seen many failures ultimately leading to loss of confidence and finding no way to move ahead. Stress catches the core of mind ultimately drowning the person in various bad habits.

Marriage Dispute

Family Problems - Marriage Dispute

No matches in wavelength or frequency in thinking of couples, extra marital affairs, no patience in resolving problems between them , frequent demand of divorce, no income in handling the family etc leads to dispute in marriages ultimately stress to both partners.

Love Affairs - Heart Break

Most common problem in youths. As relations make and break easily many people are strong enough to handle and many are weak to go into emotional trauma for months causing trouble to themselves and also the family members around.

Learning Disabilities - Difficulties in learning

Many people are finding it difficult to learn and grasp. Because of this problem they are not able to cope up with the outer world ultimately leading to stress and tension.

7) Difficulties to speak in Public

Difficulties to Speak in Public

Public speaking or taking a stand in public is difficult task for many people due to lack of confidence in themselves. This fear often separates people from outer world making them aloof and difficult to indulge with other people causing stress in mind.

8) Difficulty in making decision

Difficulties in Making Decision

A person who is nervous from childhood or nervous due to failure and is unable to make decisions for self and Has to depend on others for his life goals is also a kind of stress a person faces.

9) Difficult to resolve financial problem

Difficult to Resolve Financial Problem

Money is an important factor in everyday life since everything that is required for our daily living depends on money. Many families are facing financial problems and are not able to meet their basic needs ultimately leading to stress.

Career Guidance

Career Planning and Career Guidance

After higher secondary education many students and their parents are confused what career needs to be taken ahead or best suited for their child. This ultimately puts ultimate pressure on child and parents since it’s a turning point in Childs life.

Special Child Care for Parents

Special Child Care for Parents

Parents of special child are constantly under mental strain fulfilling the needs of the child and also stressed thinking about the future of the child.

Generation Gap Problems

Many people are highly ambitious in life and they want to move ahead in career or in any other pathway which are not well understood by their parents or grandparents causing great stress to those ambitious people to make their elders understand their plan due to lack of understanding in generation gap.

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Someone who is looking for confession and move on

Confession of Guilt

Much guilt’s are carried by many people in their mind due to their wrongdoings which they cannot say to anyone creating more stress in their brains.

Drug Addiction

Addiction in Adult - Drug Addiction

Ganja, charas, lsd are drugs most youngsters and adults get attached to for moving into a world of enjoyment and peace…it often happens due to a wrong peer group. This ultimately causes mental and physical stress to them and their families and also leads many youngsters into crime.

Addiction in Adult - Alcohol Addiction

Excessive amount of drinking for fun or to run away from problems and ultimately drinking daily without not being able to stop is known as alcohol addiction. This addiction causes stress to them and their families.

Porn addiction

Addiction in Young - Porn Addiction

Porn addiction is one of the highest growing addictions .many students are early exposed to this addiction easily. As these sites are openly available free of cost. This ultimately pushes students back in their studies and can also destroy the marriage life of the individual who is addicted to porn. Failures due to this addiction cause stress to them and their families.

Smoke addiction

Addictions in Adults - Smoke Addiction

Smoking cigarette is again a fast growing addiction often considered as a style statement in children. This addiction is caught by children at an early age and can destroy their lives later by various health issues causing stress to them and their families.

Addications in Youths - Tobacco addiction

Tobacco is easily available product which is easily sorted for stress buster and also enjoyment with addiction. Later which cause physical stress and disease that endangers life.

Peer Pressure

Peer pressure & Comparison

Peer pressure of ragging and making fun leads to stressful life for those people who are not able to handle it.


Ragging in School or College

Often occurring in colleges which disturbs the mental status of many students ultimately leading to shock for the student which remains throughout life.

Parental pressure

Parental Pressure on Kids

As seen there are many parents who constantly puts pressure on their kids for various things for which the child is not interested. Pressure to be first in everything and whacking their child without making them understand their mistakes creates pressure on child and stress.

Depression due to overweight

Depression due to Overweight

Most of the people are overweight...they are not able to reduce their weight even after dieting and exercises which leads them to further depression and stress and other diseases.

Ego problems

Personal Ego Problem

Ego which is actually a small word but destroys relationships of many people leading to stress and tension and lack of confidence.

Lack of confidence in self

A very major problem in nowadays individual…due to lack of confidence they are not able to achieve the things they desire ultimately leading them into a stressful life.

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